Has anyone noticed that “Lonely” hasn’t posted for a while? I always enjoyed reading her posts, I hope she is okay?

Dottie x💕


I thought exactly the same earlier today. Hopefully she’s on holiday. I do hope so.


I tried to click on her profile and it doesn’t seem to be there anymore? Xx😔

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Hi Dottie72,

Thank you all so much for enquiring about me but I had decided to leave and forgot to let all my friends on the forums know I was leaving.

I kept popping in to have a read of posts but since seeing your lovely posts enquiring about me, ‘I AM BACK’.

After over eight years without my Peter I honestly thought I didn’t have anything much to contribute anymore as so many people have left the forums and there are so many newly grieving people going through this never ending heartache.

Anyway, I am here and would love to thank you so much for asking about me, it is lovely to have been missed.

Love to all.



So glad you hear from you! I really do enjoy reading your posts! So good to have you back!

Big hugs
Dottie x❤️


So pleased to hear you are okay. I missed your posts. Big hugs.


Thank you Dottie and Carol, that is very much appreciated.



Glad to hear you’re back! Don’t want to add any pressure but as a relative ‘newbie’ on this path, the wisdom you bring is very much valued xx


Dear Stillhiswife,

Thank you so very much. I didn’t realise just how much I would miss the forums.

I was watching some old films and I just started to cry because I remember going to see them with Peter when we were courting in 1964/5 and 1966. All the memories just came flooding back. I remembered the lady with the ice cream tray walking up and down the cinema aisles during the interval and Peter always getting me a chocolate ice cream, (we always sat in the back row), just like the 1960’s song, Saturday night at the movies. I am amazed that at the ripe old age of 80 just how much I can remember when my memory is triggered by something. It is not just remembering, I can actually see the lady walking up the aisles with the ice cream, and the big velvet curtains coming across the cinema screen during the interval.

My heart aches for what was.



I remember just the same scene as you described. Paul and I started dating in 1963. It was Windsor where we went to the cinema and it was just as you describe. Like you, my heart aches for that time.


Glad to see you back lonely x

Dear Carol,

Do you find that by looking at a photograph, hearing a song, watching a certain film brings the memories flooding back, not just remembering them but actually seeing them in your minds eye. I can close my eyes and see Peter walking towards me as he got off the bus to meet me on our dates. I can see him playing in our back garden with our dogs and our sons, the list goes on, it only takes a small thing and I am back with him again.


Thank you very much Martyn2.


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Dear lonely
Yes I so agree with you. The memories come flooding back. The only thing I can’t do is listen to the songs he sang to me. I just can’t take that as I’m soon sobbing. If I’m in one of my sons cars and those songs comes on I have to ask them to turn it off. I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher is one. Hugs Carol

Dear Carol,

Only this morning one of our sons sent me a message stating that it is nearly 45 years since The Incredible Hulk film was released in the cinema. I dug out a photo I had taken of our two sons then aged 6 and 9 and their dad, standing in front of a giant Incredible Hulk poster advertising the film. I sent it to them and they said that it brought tears to their eyes.

Dear Lonely
Yes our older sons loved the Incredible Hulk. They are 50 and 52. The 50 year older convinced himself he was the Hulk. He certainly had the rage in them days. Not now I’m pleased to add. Carol x

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Hi Sheila
Pleased to see you havent ditched the forum. I have felt like you on many occasions. “What do I have to offer” and then every so often you feel the need to offer some support. We are all travelling a hard road but some of us are further along than others and we have and are surviving in our own way. So if we can show just a few new members this it might give them hope.
Pat xx


Definitely does .just had YouTube on and some Alan Jackson songs came on and thought of sue snuggling up on the sofa next to me and Teddy and George our two dogs

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Guarding mum

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Dear Carol,
Your sons are the exact same age as our sons, born in 1970 and 1973.

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