Memorial get together or not?

I lost my husband suddenly 8 months ago during Covid. He was 70. Could only have 30 people to his funeral and a lot of people did line the route to pay their respects. We couldn’t have a get-together afterwards - only 9 immediate family. Now my daughter thinks we should have a gathering of wider family and friends (when Covid restrictions allow) and I would like to do that in one way - but I’m frightened that other people will have moved on although we have not. What do people think? Be grateful for your thoughts

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We are doing that for my husband who died in March. We had people stand outside the church and others who didn’t travel because they couldn’t go in. We were going to do it this month but I postponed because of the number of people having to isolate. I didn’t get chance to talk to anyone at the funeral and we have been supported so well that I want to spend time with people, although it will be hard. Do what you feel is right for you.

I’m 16 months on we had 6 at Micks funeral but people in the village lined the streets. I have said when lockdown is over I would have a celebration of life for him my children still want to do it. I think now it would be so hard I would have to relive everything I don’t know what to do x

That’s difficult. I am aiming for October when it will be 7 months on. To be honest, we’re still reliving it as we haven’t got the Coroner’s report so it’s not too far on. Do your children know how you feel? It might be worth discussing it together.

That’s what I’m worried about - reliving everything - and yet I do want to honour my husband in some way. He deserved much more than we were able to give him at the time of his funeral.

Sorry you still waiting on the coroner’s report what a nightmare I hope you get some answers soon. Your right we live with it every minute. My children want to do something I feel I have to go with them x
Take care x

I think we do have to honour our husbands they deserve to be Mick’ s funeral was a nightmare really just gone into lockdown think I’m still stuck in it. Hope you honour your husband in the way you want
Take care x