Memorial Service

Hi everyone,
I received an invitation from the funeral directors to a memorial service today.
I decided to go assuming , despite being in a church, it would be a service for remembering our loved ones.and a chance to meet others .

Halfway through I couldn’t bear it any longer. I’ve been to many church services in my time but never one so dire and impersonal.
No thought was given to those with no or little faith, no comfort, just lengthy impersonal preaching that God will save us all in our hour of need.
I came away in tears, so upset that I had to sit in the car before I could drive home.
In this day and age why had nobody considered making the service around those we had lost and wanted to remember ?
Has anyone else felt like this? J

Hi there Jackie. This is a very interesting and valid point. I was invited to the local hospice for a memorial service but didn’t go in the end. What did they know about Brian, he was never in the hospice anyway and I was worried that it would be too impersonal. Instead I go into church alone (not a service) and sit quietly. Praying, remembering. It’s my time with God and I’m hoping there’s time to be listened to.
I have found church services to be very impersonal and not what I wanted so I stopped going to church some years ago because of this.