Not posted a poem for a while…but this situation isn’t getting any easier…memories are painful…how about you? :roll_eyes:

‘All those happy memories’
That’s what some people say
‘At least you can look back on those
Throughout each painful day’

But truthfully it breaks my heart
Recalling happy times
All it says is you’re not here
It messes with my mind

Each time I see a photograph
Your happy, smiling face
It burns inside my very soul
It makes my heartbeat race

So many things around our house
Reminding me of you
It hurts so much to dwell on
All the things you loved to do

We had our special holidays
And travelled cross the globe
So many precious times together
Sharing all we know

When people say, tho meaning well
‘She’d want you to be strong’
They cannot understand
I have no strength now you are gone

So memories of what we had
The life we loved as one
To me is just a hazy dream
A sad unfinished song

…memories are painful still…:broken_heart: :disappointed:


Thank you for sharing, those words are so very true.
All of our memories are precious but sometimes they can be painful.


Beautiful & so true.

Thank you x


Aw … so beautiful and so true :frowning: i think this sunshine makes you feel bloody worse ! I think im quite looking forward to winter so i can hibernate :frowning: xx


That is so powerful and beautiful words .thank you unityman


That is so true. Memories are painful. people say “Oh you have lots of wonderful memories” What a trite phrase to trot out! Memories of 56 years of knowing my lovely husband and his loss i find too painful and heart breaking. Nothing really helps the anguish. I have moved house and area to be nearer to my two sons at their encouragement but the memories have come with me and it feels like a double grief now… losing him last year and now a new and strange area to get used to. I keep thinking what would he think to see me here and not in our home but somehow i hope these feelings will eventually subside. Just miss him so terribly and the home we made together but I’m here now and somehow must find the initiative to carry on.


Im sure he would be pleased you had moved to be near your sons so they could look after you :slight_smile: xx