Memory and thinking

Hi, I lost my husband 3
Months ago and I started a new job. I am still in early stages of learning everything (it’s quite a complex role), but my brain :brain:!!!

I feel like I have no memory, no concentration and I am flitting from one thing to the next and forgetting to finish things. I feel like I am going mad.

I thought getting back to work would help me by distracting me a little and help me make new friends. I also moved area a year ago…so far nothing is happening.

I worry about work and am all consumed by the fact he is gone and I am scared. Please someone tell me this gets better or I am going to loose a job that I really need to keep my house. X


I do think time is the healer and work may be a saviour for you tho quite difficult at the moment with ur mind consumed with grief…maybe try for some counselling i am getting this thro my work starti g next week take care

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