Memory loss

It’s coming up to nearly 7 weeks since I lost my lovely dad and I feel I’m finding things a lot harder at this stage.
I’m coming across other problems in life and finding it very hard to not have him to talk to and to make me laugh through all of lifes problems like he always would. One thing I’m finding is that I can be present in a moment but after a while I’m becoming very forgetful and really confused about things that have/haven’t happened in normal everyday life. It’s starting to worry me a little that I can’t remember such simple things at times and wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I’ve been reading that it may be a sign of depression which I’ve never experienced before so I think I may see a doctor about it for some reassurance.

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your Dad. I lost my Mum suddeny 19 months ago, so I do understand how raw and upsetting it feels. Grief is terribly tiring and overwhelming.
In my opinion being forgetful is quite normal. I wouldn’t worry about your memory at this stage.

I googled memory and grief and this was the first thing that came up.


Thank you so much for your messages, I haven’t slept a full night in over 6 weeks now either so I guess that doesn’t help, I’m just so consumed with the thought of it all that it really is taking all of my headspace and leaving me so confused x

I had sleep issues for over 6 mounths, but I found going to bed an hour earlier helped considerably.

Thank you I will try this too as I’ve been staying up as late as possible in hope it helps me to be tired but the over thinking takes over so going earlier to allow this to happen may really help x