Can’t open it Christine and I would so love to see your memory tree :evergreen_tree:. x

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Have added more tags and will take more pics tomorrow. Was out there in the rain and losing the light. Created from garden fleece (for protecting plants). Angel structure from canes. Fleece was the only weather protective thing I could use for the garden. Quite ethereal so worked well for the subject, layered to add degrees of light. I just had an online midnight mass and couldn’t stop getting upset when I was singing because it reminded me of mam when I was little. Also, sounded like Cliff Richard. He was her love before dad! I was holding the pamphlet from the church service with her picture and it was like I was including her which she would have liked. Very upsetting. Not like being in church but glad I did it. xxx


That is beautiful and such a lovely thing to do :heart: xx

The communal tree outside of the chapel of rest used bauble shaped tags. People included pictures of their loved ones. I was too upset to read them. Some of my messages include ‘the nub’ of pastry left after making scones. Mam always cooked it anyway and we laughed at it because it was so small. Velvet (I wear her velvet trousers for bed to feel close to her). Picking fruits and making jam. Barbara Streisand and Mama Cass. The Queens speech. Paste egg faces and Easter Egg Hunts. Mam always celebrated whatever was happening and made it really fun for all of us, not just the children. I miss her so much. I can’t do any of Christmas because she was Christmas, with her cooking and dressing up and decorations. This is so unbearable. I’m waiting for my nephew to fall asleep so I can deliver the presents. I just want to wind back my life so I can enjoy her being my mam again.

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Well that’s just fabulous Christine. I do hope it has given you comfort. I may think about doing something similar next year. Thank you for sharing it with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did enjoy doing it and have lists of memories. Extra special because my little nephew wrote the tags. A new tradition for my beautiful mam. x