Men’s Pie Club

I heard about this on Radio 4 yesterday and looked it up. It’s an Organisation that is centered around bringing men together and teaching them how to cook in a friendly supportive environment. I have no experience of it yet but once my car is on the road I will be giving it a go. They have various venues across North East England and are hoping to expand further afield

Men’s Pie Club


Hi Walan
What a great idea. I hope it spreads around the country. I wish there was something similar to teach women the basics of ‘Do it Yourself’. Things we always left the men to do. I’m not too bad but there are loads I would like someone to teach me.


How did it go? Sounds a good idea to have lessons for men how to cook

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Hey @Pattidot lovely to hear from you, hope you’re doing well! I know it could be a bit of a hassle, but have you thought of trying organize something? I’m sure there would be plenty of willing instructors around. Also if you’re ever stuck with a problem YouTube can usually solve it, but I’m sure you know that already x

@Enorac I haven’t actually tried it out yet as my car is in the garage, the nearest venue to me is a quite a distance and the bus service round here is not exactly reliable :joy: