Mental health

Hi i just had a metal breakdown due to everything after losing wife 15 months ago under metal healh team its horrible

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Oh 1954.ron,i am so sorry to hear this! Am thinking of you! I hate this bloody life!

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I am so sorry.
Sending big hugs & strength
Take care x

I know just ran out of energy

Morning 1954.ron, How are you feeling today? Have you seen anyone over Easter? I haven’t seen a soul! I’m so depressed and bloody fed up!

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Not seen a living soul only been talking to mental health team just waiti g for doctors to ring nice talking to you

It’s awful isn’t it!? Hope doctor rings you soon and can give you a bit of help! I’m always here if you need to talk!

I suffered breakdown and was hospitalised over 25 years ago, I can honestly say it was the worst thing that ever happened to me and after all this time I still fear it will happen again, I’m so sorry this has happened to you on top of your loss,

I’m sorry for your loss.
This new normal isn’t as easy as some might think. Baby step to even find the path let alone walk it.
I hope you find someone to talk to and you find the support you need.

Thankyou i just lost for words

Morning 1954.ron, just wondering how you are?

In a bad way i had a metal breakdown under metal health team now i know i am the only one who can help me but just dont know what to do anymore cannot see a way though this depression just lost everything dont want this no more sorry to be so negative take care of yourself x

Aww! 1954.ron, I am so sorry! I feel exactly the same way! I’ve had enough, I just don’t want to be here anymore! Do you have family or friends you can talk too? I don’t, they can’t be bothered with me anymore!

My grown up children do not understand i just feel so lonely i am having counselling 3 times a week and just waiting for mental health team to get in touch every hr seems like a day at rhe moment thanks for your support it helps knowing that i not the only one i would give you a cuddle if you was close x

Thankyou 1954.ron! I could do with a cuddle! Is the counselling helping you? I have never had any! Please keep in touch, I agree with you, the days are so long! X

Yes the counselling is helping alot its just the loneliness i cant cope with its nice keeping in touch take care x

Good morning, Same here, I dont see anyone for days! So glad the councilling is helping! You take care! X

I’m sorry for your loss .
I try and keep myself busy my garden has saved me and walking.
It’s not easy on my own but I try and get outside everyday.
I hope you start to feel better soon.
It’s a long, lonely road, grief.

I never thought i would eñd up like this how can 18 months turn your life up side down its unbelievable just cant think no more if i can do anything for you just ask x