message for my baby Jayne

just the message I posted on linkedin after Jaynes birthday

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Ian, that made me cry, it doesn’t matter how many years we are together with our soulmate, it is never long enough and like you I feel at the end of my time on this earth we will be reunited. You take care.
Blessings S


thank you Susie123
and I hope so as thats whats keeping my going believing we will be reunited when we leave this life.
regards ian

Ian, I lost my husband 8 years ago, and he was my soulmate, I miss him every day, but I’m no longer crying every day, it does get easier, you never stop missing them but you learn how to cope, take care and look after yourself. X

thank you for your input.
me im living with Jayne in my heart mind and soul and this is and will be my way of coping till I leave this mortal coil and hopefully be reunited with Jayne.
nothing could happen to me that could make me feel any worse than I did when losing Jayne and that will not diminish.As Jayne was my one and only.

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