Messages and Signs from loved ones

Hi to everyone ,
I would like to mention a few things and give a few ideas to think about that I sincerely hope will give some if not everyone some little comfort, we all need it yes?

Ok firstly, yesterday (Monday ) I received a message from my dear sister, I was told to go to local crem yesterday morning and ask about buying a memorial stone in the garden of remembrance.
So suddenly I had this urge to go and inquire. When I arrived , had chat with a staff member, was shown around garden and told and shown only 1 empty space left in the huge remembrance garden. There must be over 100 in there.
So I paid in full and will be made , engraved and placed in situ within 6 to 8 weeks…
Other signs smoke alarms have activated for no reason, no smoke no fire no power cut or surge , finding feathers , and missing 2 TV remotes and 1 sock.
I sincerely wish everyone receives a message or a sign from your loved one, the first one it’s so special

Take care all
Bless you

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Hi @Col11

There’s a massive thread on this in

Coping with bereavement > psychic phenomena

I’ve tried to get it going again.

Hello burgled,

Apologies if i have posted on wrong section of forum, i was replying to a member.

Best wishes to you