Sat here 2.38 am reading facebook messages between myself and my wife, starting from last may when she was in hospital the last time she was able to type before loosing the use of her hands due to the brain cancer.
I scrolled backwards reading every message for the last 2 years thinking about her sence of humour then i got to messages she sent me when i was in hospital before and after i had heart bypass , the support she gave me when i was in hospital and reading the things she had sorted at home, i just wish i could have done the same for her i miss her so much.


Hi Motorbikemad, I am so glad you have found this community on facebook and welcome.

I so sorry for the loss for your wife. How lovely to have messages you can read over the last 2 years which brings back memories that you have shared together while you were in hospital. I do hope you have made a full recovery.

Support comes in different forms and just being there for your wife is the biggest support you would have given to her before she was admitted back to hospital. Being in the same room as her, at her bedside, holding her hand etc. Support is not always about doing it is about being there and you were there and your wife would have known that.

Grief is so overwhelming and takes time and you will miss her but you have made a step in the right direction to connect with with others who have gone through what you are going through. There are topics here on Losing a Partner/Losing a Wife which will connect you to other members of the Community should you so wish to. Take care.

I’ve done that too, I’ve kept WhatsApp messages from all the times my husband was in hospital between July 2020 to December. Then in January, (like your wife) he couldn’t type any more, but he managed to video call me, although he didn’t have the strength to hold the phone for long.
Your wife will have gained so much comfort just from knowing you were there for her. She will have known you loved her too, as she loved you.
Hopefully you feel better after reading all your messages.
Grief comes & goes doesn’t it, some days are better than others.
We must get comfort from knowing our beloved partners wouldn’t have left us if they had the choice. Just as we would never have left them.
Love stays even after death. We will love them for the rest of our lives
Look after yourself

I want to to thank you so much for taking the time to respond it means a lot and sorry to hear you have the same pain and you are right we will love them forever and i do feel better after reading your message.

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