I lost my mum Sunday all happened being not well to gone in 2 weeks cancer she had I dont know what to do with myself !! Pain in tummy panic scared so frightening everything is an immense effort !! I really dont know what to do ! I makes yoy feel like your going mad !! Iany help appreciated i don’t know what to do !! [quote=“system, post:1, topic:5740, full:true”]

This is a place where anyone who has lost their mother or father, or a step-parent or guardian, to share experiences and support each other.


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I can relate to the speed of it all totally. Although it wasn’t cancer my mum died of….on the Friday we went on holiday…week later in hospital with pneumonia….4 days later died of heart attack :cry:

No time is great to lose a loved one but all this forced joviality makes it worse.

I have no idea how I’m actually manage to function tbh but I have found keeping a daily journal of just crap we used to talk about lessens my sadness by an iota but I’ll take that.

Are you managing to eat/get out at all?

Keep posting and here to talk if/when you need x