Middle of night

Its almost 3.30 am and i am awake as is becoming the norm. I havent had any conversations with others at this time so presuming noone is on the forum at this time either. Somehow it just helps to come here anyway. Sending everyone lovex

Hi Pam im sorry for your loss our son passed away 16 yrs ago on boxing day. Im not on here as often as i should be but I’ll always reply when i can if that helps :+1:.

Thank you. Its kind of you I am struggling i just miss her so much and want to be with her so much. I am so alone. I hope you find peacex

I really understand i miss our son so much we have a memorial garden for him in our garden it did help me to sit and talk to him out there i cant imagine loosing my mum both my parents are in really bad health so ive got to keep my distance right now so i dont pass anything on.

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