Might help someone.

I’d just like to tell you of an experience I had,it may be of benefit to someone.
One afternoon in February I phoned my energy supplier to change the name on the account from my wifes name to mine.I had not realised my name was’nt on the account.No problem they said,we’ll do rightaway.I had told them that I was still living in the house.
What they actually did,without warning,was disconnect my gas and electric.I had to phone them on my mobile-I’m in a poor signal area-as the land-line won’t work without power.
Apparentley they have to close the account and then open a new one in my name.Wait 2 hours they said ,everthing will be restored.Of course it was’nt.
Phoned them back,by now it was getting dark.I ended up have to reset both meters by torchlight while they talked me through it on my mobile.Then I had to work out how to reset the boiler.I’m on prepayment meters,all my credit has been taken and I was on emergency.
I had to ring them the following morning to get my credit back.
So, if you have to change the name on you energy supplier account,you might want be clear whats going to happen before you end the call.Maybe phone them in the morning so there’s plenty of daylight left should you have any problems.


Wow that is alarming.

My neighbour warned us years ago to make sure everything was in joint names. Rang my supplier and name changed with no issue.

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I have been doing that too thankfully most utilities are in my name, only BT, Sky and TV license were in my wife’s. First Direct (HSBC) bank have been really good and they have sorted as soon as I sent them the certificate by email.