Mini relapses

I been slowly clearing out my mum’s wardrobe over the last 6 months. Mum had a lot of clothes loads of coats. Been taking her stuff to a charity shop multiple visits. Was checking a coat pocket and found some Imodium which started me off again. Horrible job to do, but has to be done! I still live in the same flat I lived since 1982 and flat contents was left me in mum’s will.


I find clean tissues in every coat pocket ive checked, and a different comb in every single handbag. I reckon she must have about 15 combs! :heart:

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Now I have tissues but for a different reason, awwwwww hugs!

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My mum lived next door to me, and on christmas day i found myself in her bungalow folding clothes and tidying up, she had lots of stuff. I did have some help emptying her place though, but it was incredibly hard.

Yea can imagine, I still live in same place I shared with mum.