I am a 27 year old women who discovered she was pregnant last September, felt so many emotions and ups and downs with my pregnancy which was an extremely hard time for me. I lost my daughter on the 23rd of October at 11pm at night, That night my entire world collapsed. My world has never been the same and I do have therapy, however I feel I have lost myself.

Today the 25th of May is my due date and I feel empty. I am hoping this can help in someway.

Before all of this I was bubbly, laughed so loud, colourful and loved who I was. Now I am not so sure.

Things will not be the same I know this but can I laugh again? Can I find myself again? what is life anymore without my child.

Hello Monica, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your daughter to miscarriage. You are grieving now, and it can be very common to feel that grief changes your personality and that you have ‘lost yourself’. It is also understandable that the time around your due date will be particularly hard. There’s no set timeline on grief, but, in general, people find that they will have more good days as time goes on, and that they start to feel more like themselves.

It’s really important to have outlets for your grief, so I’m glad to hear that you are having therapy. It can be a slow process, but I hope that you are finding that it helps to have an outlet and to talk things through with a neutral person.

This Online Community is a supportive place where people understand grief. However, just to let you know, in general, the people using our Losing a Child section have lost older or adult children, or, in a few cases, babies at or after birth. I’m not aware that we have any other users posting about miscarriage at the moment. If you are particularly looking to talk to others who have been through this specific type of loss, I can suggest The Miscarriage Association, who have a Facebook group and online forum, as well offering a helpline and live online chat with their support workers.

Im so sorry for your loss
And the pain your going throug
Im glad ur going for thereapy
I understand what that emptiness lost hurt sadness feels like.
It was a long time ago but i lost twins during more than half way into my pregnancy
Yes its very painful you feel you lost part of yourself.
It gets a little bit easier through timr
But a long slow proccess
Take care :heart:

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