I lost my baby at 6 weeks old how can i get past it please help me

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Hi @Hedwig1109
Sorry to hear your going through such a heartbreaking loss. :pensive: No parent should ever have to loose a child, fate can be so cruel sometimes. Sending hugs of support.

Thank you just cant get over it

I lost my baby during pregnancy some years ago, I don’t think we ever “get over” such a big loss, we will always feel it, I think it’s because when we loose a child, we’re not just loosing a person, but we’re also losing the future we should of had with them, the memories we should of had. I write to the baby I lost, every anniversary of his death, & the day he was due, it helps me cope, & in my own way, I feel I can talk to him, tell him how much I miss him, & about what’s going on in my life now, I know it won’t even bring him back, but in this way I can carry him with me. Take time out for yourself. We carry the people we love in our hearts forever, in that way, they will never leave us. You can’t rush the grief process, I hope you have family & friends who can support you through this.

Partner shuts down every time i try and talk about it i feel so alone everyday knowing i was ment to have my pressious baby here all i want is my baby back never even got to see it on a screen that hurts me more

My parents didn’t like me talking about my baby after I lost him either, so I understand how much that hurts. I want you to know that you are not alone, you can always talk on this forum as much as you need. Sending hugs of support.

We relised a ballon for peanut thats what we named the baby as we found out when it was the size i have never felt so lost im trying everything to be happy and put it at the back of my head to go to work have a social life but when im home alone all i do is think about peanut and why me ive always had bad times nothing goes right for me and i just dont get why this happens it makes me angry knowing that people who dont work get pregnant have no income but the people who do have an income and work struggle to get pregnant me and my partner have decided to try again but i feel like its ginna happen again and again why am i so angry

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It wasnt a dig at anyone i promise x

Thank you xx

Im constantly blaming myself for what happened and i think my family do as well x