Miss him so much

I lost my husband last Sunday. Suddenly without warning I am totally lost. We had so many plans together for our retirement. I ache for our children and grandchildren.

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So sorry to hear this. I hope you can find some help talking to people here. I am new to this group too as I can no longer attend the local group but I can say it really makes a difference talking to other people in the same situation. I know in the early stages all I could do was keep busy, I went out a lot and it was just going through the motions but it was better than sitting around thinking. Trish

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Hello Jamiesgirl firstly please except my deepest condolences on the lost of your husband I too lost my husband on February 2016 and even though it’s been 13 months I am still feeling the ripple effects of that. What I would say to you at this stage it is so very early and for this reason I would suggest that you do not contemplate the future as it’s to overwhelming plus you are still coming to terms with your present and this will take time and will hurt, there is no easy path through this and my heart goes out to you having and still experiencing this myself although on a somewhat lesser scale. At this time you are probably feeling very shocked the death of someone we loved deeply has a somewhat surreal quality about it especially as our lives were so interwoven with theirs. You will cry until you feel you have no more tears left and then a fresh batch will arrive and the person you most want to comfort you can’t because they are not here. Days will pass in a blur everything that was important will seem pointless you will feel vunerable, adrift and scared all normal emotions. You will also feel extremely sapped of energy it’s important that you eat properly even though you will not really care but allowing yourself to get run down will make you feel worse (I know impossible to believe you could feel worse) The old adage about time being a great healer is very true in our circumstances it’s a period of adjusting unfortunately and as previously stated there is no way around it only through it and it’s a very painfull process. Whatever way you decide to approach your life at this time is OK each person has to find there own way through it there is no right or wrong way talking and sharing your feelings is no magic pill but it does help I promise are you having counselling? that is great for putting your fears into perspective, originally I had one to one counselling now I have a group that I go to once a month and as we are all at different stages we all have different perspectives. I wish I could offer you more positive encouragement but being on the same path as you albeit further down the line I have no answers but I wish you inner strength for this long and hard journey xx


Thank you for your kind words. Yes the future seems so daunting. I am surrounded by wonderful children and grandchildren they are my colkective rocks at the moment.

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Hi Jamie’s girl,
So sorry to hear of your loss.I lost my husband 8mths ago and at times it feels easier just at the moment I’m completely lost.All you can do is face each day as it comes the good and the bad.People tell me it will get easier and I pray that they are right .
God Bless

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Sorry to hear that I also lost my partner recently I posted about it.

hello sorry for your loss my husband passed away 6 weeks ago so I do know and understand your hurt its heart breaking ive had one of those weekends where all ive wanted to do is cry,ive been out most of today I try to keep busy if I can manage it but its not the same as having the love of your life by your side

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