Miss husband

Nearly four months just feel so lost and alone . I miss him so much been married 39 years together for 43 . Since we were 16 he is my hole life I just want to be with him.


Hello, I am so sorry you are feeling so low. After my soulmate left I felt so empty and alone, I had never thought what it would be like not having him by my side. It’s the worst place to find your self and so many of us on this community know just how you are feeling, you are not alone, we are always here for you. I had counselling, it’s not the total answer but it does get you on the right road and it allows you to talk about him because so many people don’t want you to do that with them. Please consider it, either Cruse or Sue Ryder they both offer a free service or your GP my refer you if that is possible but please don’t think you are alone. If things really get you down then ring the Samaritans and have a chat to them anything but feel that you can’t deal with the pain that makes life unbearable. We are always here for you. Sending big hugs and blessings. S xx

Samaritans phone number 166 123

So sorry 13months since I lost love of life he was my everything I was married to john 44years and he sorted everything so when my fence went down I panicked and had 2quotes a don’t no what I’m doing john was my everything he knew what to do take care annie x

Annie, I am sorry to hear that after 44 years together you are now on your own. It’s even more difficult when your partner has been to one to do most household jobs and now you have to try and understand how to deal with things. I know that on here there are so many in the same position and my heart aches for you all. It does make me think how lucky I am that I am capable person and we shared all the jobs. I hope you have family and/or friends that will help with these difficult decisions. My heart goes out to you. Stay safe Sxx

Thankyou susie I thought I was a strong women was a care manager for 36years but I feel hopeless I have a good family but they work don’t want to be a nuisance not good on making decisions take care lv annie x

With your background I am sure you will be alright, it’s just at present the loss, the shock of finding yourself in this position and feeling helpless is why you find life difficult. Given time you will be fine, I am sure. You will have talked to relatives about grieving and felt you understand what they were going through but it’s different when it’s us, ourselves.
Give yourself time and space and don’t be hard on yourself. We all try to run before we can walk. Deep breaths and relax, you will be fine. S xx

Thank you susie I delt with bad situations over my career but can’t seem to cope at the minute lv annie x

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