Miss my dad at Christmas

Christmas was great when I was a child I had 30 years of brilliant times will never forgot the memories I have.

It’s so hard now I feel it’s gets harder every year, my dad died 12 years ago and his dad my pap also died the same year that was hard my pap loved Christmas aswell.

The songs at this time of year try my hardest not to listen but it’s difficult I try my best for my family and they totally understand, I just want to enjoy Christmas and remember the good times and not feel tearful or angry, I feel some of my friends don’t get it and that I over react but they don’t understand.

12 years on I want to feel happy and enjoy every occasion not be the miserable one in the corner :persevere:

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I lost my Dad twenty years ago. I think you always miss them. However, some of the rawness should go away in time. Have you tried councelling?
I believe Sue Ryder offers some free councelling.
Take care

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