Miss my dad so much

It has been nearly 8 months since my dad passed away and I miss him so much,I wish I could see him just one more time even for a minute. I feel like I’ve lost soo much,he meant soo much to me and we was soo close.
I know he’s with me and when I get stuck I try too imagine what dad would say,it helps and I talk about him all the time,he will alway be my dad but I think when I do this and the on them days when I sit and realise he’s gone it hurts alot if that makes any sense.
I brought xmas memorial ornaments for our Xmas tree and have picture of me and my dad on my fridge,its all a comfort.i know xmas is going to be hard but I just wish there was a way I could see him even for minute and just say I love you dad.


Hi, I’m sorry that you have lost your dad, what helps me is that I talk to a canvas that I have on the wall of my lost loved ones, we don’t know but they could hear us?


It’s been just over a year for me and I miss him every day. He was a huge part of our life and it revolved around him. I try and cope by believing he is still with us in spirit. We talk about him lots and lots. Life does feel empty though. Some days are worst than others and Christmas is awful.

It’s an awful club to be in but know there are others who are going through the same x

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Thanks hannah x

I lost my dad suddenly 3 days ago and the grief I feel is unbearable, I just don’t know how I will ever carry on x

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I lost my dad suddenly 3 days ago, my heart is totally broken x

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Lost my Dad just before Christmas but he had been in hospital for 3 months before that without any physical contact. For the first couple of weeks, whilst it hurt (as in a physical pain as well as emotionally), I couldn’t believe it. Sorting out the funeral and other stuff meant I had to focus on those things. It’s just gone 3 weeks now and I’m really struggling. I feel overwhelmed. Thinking about my memories of Dad is really upsetting and comforting at the same time. I’m feeling guilty as others seem to be coping better than I am. Just want to be able to carry on.

Hi Gayle, I’m so sorry to hear a about your Dad. It’s so hard. Lost my Dad 3 weeks ago. Let’s hope we can get some comfort talking about it.xx

Other people may be putting on a front so don’t worry about them. We all cope differently. It hit me harder after funeral was over as you finally have time to slow down and think.

I find it helps me to still talk to him. Tell him how we are doing and the new things we are doing. I also look for signs of him. Favourite songs on the radio, most watched Christmas movie, a robin singing away.

That is so strange. I keep seeing a robin whenever I look on the garden and I’m taking it as a sign that my Dad is there with me. I just spoke to a counsellor and the thing I took away was that just wake up and then decide what you can manage that day rather than put pressure on yourself as to what you should be doing. Today, I’m aiming for a shower​:joy::kissing_heart:

I lost my dad very suddenly 7 weeks ago, we looked after my mum by moving her in with my family, after the funeral a few weeks past and she moved back home, I have returned to work where myself and my dad worked, finding it so hard as when he was taken I’ll it happened at work and I witnessed everything, all the men at work wear the same work uniform, saw somebody the other day with his walk and body shape with the same uniform and it knocked me for six.

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Hello I’ve also just lost my dad suddenly on the 30th Dec and my mum on the 31st Oct , I hadn’t even started to grieve for my mum yet . There’s so much to plan , the funeral , flat clearance and bills I’m totally overwhelmed , numb then tearful , before dad died I was talking to my mum out loud which helped a bit , I don’t know how to get through the next few months without going insane .This site seems to help me , reading through and knowing I’m not the only one in this awful position, my heart goes out to each and everyone of us .

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It’s normal …I lost my mum 5 weeks ago and suffering unbearabley . Here if you need me

Hiya Hun sorry to hear about your Loss I loss my dad in may last year and my dads mum but I wasn’t close to her but losing my dad it hurts every day Christmas was hard I’m glad it’s over with if you ever want to chat just message me God bless you take care stop it

So so sad for you for the loss of both mum and dad.
Am absolutely poleaxed with grief for my mum who died on the 29 November and her funeral was on the 23rd December.
I have just been arranging bereavement counselling and this may help. Cruse , is the organisation.
Look out for a little Robin and white feathers from the angels. I’ve barely wanted to get out of bed and can’t erase the memories of her passing .
People say things get less painful :pensive:. Here if you need a chat .

Thankyou Nuthatch , yes it’s nice to chat to people in similar situations, I’ve got so much to arrange with his flat, funeral etc I feel overwhelmed at times . We’re having their dog as it’s the last thing of them I have left , partners not keen but I need to take her in , least I can take her for walks and it may help me as well . I will look into cruse if things get too much , I’m quite numb at the moment, maybe all the arrangements are a distraction.I just hope he’s met with mum that would be some comfort , I’ll keep talking to them and writing stuff down. Don’t know what else to do , as I said this site is helping a bit , thanks for replying, it’s good to chat with you x

So sorry for your lost xx

Thankyou nat1 , today’s been hard , their dog that I have now looked so sad today and that has set me off , the flat clearance has been a distraction , now that’s nearly sorted , I think it’s beginning to hit me , just want to talk to them , feel so alone , which is mad I have a partner and two boys . Today’s a bad day xxx

I’m so sorry . I had two good days and then a total meltdown yesterday. Have you considered bereavement counselling ??
I had to contact my gp as I was in such a bad way .
I don’t even want to get out of bed
I’ve got the first telephone session with cruse , tomorrow. It is free . Look them up on google .
Where do you live ? I do hope you keep the dog .
How old is it and what breed .
Please don’t feel alone , I also have an amazing husband and two daughters but still bereft.

Thanks Nuthatch , she’s a Yorkshire Terrier 6 years old she’s ever so sweet , yes I may contact cruse if I find myself getting worse , I suppose we’re going to get good and bad days for many years to come , the suns shining here today , I live in Kent so me and Emma have just been out for a walk , I’m hoping the fresh air will help , this sadness all the time is too much sometimes, I think the walks helped a bit though , I hope your counselling goes well tomorrow , please keep in touch :heart: