Miss my dad

My dad passed suddenly 5 months ago. I feel like no time has passed I remember it all like it happened yesterday. I don’t know how to carry on without him. I have no other family and no one to rely on or talk to


I lost my Dad in March, my heart is completely broken. We’re all here to support each other. Sending you a big hug xx

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I’m not really sure how this community thing is helping if at all…

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I find its helping talking to others who are understanding what I’m going through because they are going through the same. Xx

Everyone just posts about their loss and I understand it’s a thing we have to go through in life but why? The way it was? How young he was? How sudden it all happened? That he wasn’t finished, what is the point to life really

Its the circle of life, but the reality of it is heartbreaking, we have to learn to live with the loss of a loved one. Sharing experiences may work for some but not others. You’ve found this forum which tells me your willing to try. Xx

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My advice would be to read through some of the posts so that you realise that you’re not alone in how you feel. Grief is a very personal and often very isolated feeling. The loss of a parent can be very brutal and devastating. There are so many different emotions that engulf you in waves of despair. This forum helps to normalise your situation because you will see that there are many others who feel the same. Sure, everyone will recount their own stories but there’s plenty of empathy and compassion as well. Best wishes as you navigate this harsh journey of grief xx