Miss my dad

Hi, i am new to this site & feel i need some help/guidance since losing my dad unexpectedly in May 2023. I am so still in denial & have never felt pain like this. Starting a new year makes me feel like ive left him behind. I relive him passing - my mum, brother & 1 of my sisters were with him, my other sister was on facetime as she was on holiday :cry:. We weren’t prepared for him to leave us. I feel so lost.


I truly feel your pain and I only lost my Dad 12 days ago. Keep talking to people. I was so close to my Dad and it all happened so quickly in the end. I was also with Dad and feel that it is both a blessing and a curse. Hard to unsee those things!
Just keep breathing and take each day or even hour as it comes.
Much love :heart_hands: x


I’m sorry you have lost your dad in May. I lost my dad in May as well. He started to feel unwell and a week later he passed away. It all happened so quickly. It is hard to process. I relive certain moments over and over. It is hard some days are easier than others, but the whole month of December was so hard. I wasn’t prepared and i still don’t feel prepared.


Hi GlitterFairy,
Many thanks for your kind words & sincere condolences to you & your family. My dad was my hero & we were very close too. Nothing makes these things easier & theres no way to prepare either. We are all still in shock as im sure you must be too! Xx


Hi Nadine1,
Many thanks for your kind words too & sincere condolences to you & your family. I relive dads passing which was peaceful & he wasnt in pain, he fell asleep. I haven’t processed anything after that. As you say December wasnt great - we had all had our 1st birthdays (including dads) & then Christmas/New Year. I felt like i was leaving him behind which has taken me back to the beginning. How are you doing? X

It was my parents wedding anniversary in December as well. A lot happened in December and I feel like I’m only this week starting to feel like I have recovered from the intenseness of it. My anxiety was so high.
Are you able to share your grief with your family? We talk about my dad which is nice but we don’t share our grief. It is like everybody’s so hurt that we can’t deal with the pain of someone else. X

Hi Nadine1,
It’s so difficult isn’t it - how l8ng were your parents married? Mine would’ve been 58yrs this April. I think we should be talking about our dads to keep their memory alive eh. My niece looks for the brightest star & says its grandad. I try to talk to my family but don’t want to upset them more. Xx


Hi Karen. How are you? My dad pops up in a lot of my dreams. My dreams are not about him but he would just pop up, like walk pass by or would sit somewhere.
I am currently taken a step back from my mum. We are close but we all grief differently and I find it difficult to deal with her grieving. I know this will only be temporary but it also hurts not being in frequent contact with her.

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Hi Nadine1 how are you? Its such a silly question to ask i know but its what we do eh :smirk:. Its good to keep their memories going - how does tour dad popping up in the dreams make you feel? I don’t dream about mine, but i see him walking around the house or the town some days hes everywhere i look. There have only been a handful of times ive not seen my mum since so i cant imagine how that feels for you. Do you live close by your mum? As tou say we all deal with grief in our own ways & are all learning as we go sadly. I hope you & your mum get in regular contact soon. Xx

Hi Karen. I am feeling good at the moment, but I’m very aware that emotions come and go. My dad still pops up on my dreams, and I have very vivid dreams. Let’s just say I go on a lot of adventures at night. I doesn’t upset me seeing my dad but I don’t like it either. It just find it weird.how does it make you feel thinking you saw your dad walking around.
My mum and I recently shared our grief and it instantly makes me feel closer to her and wanting to be in contact with her. So that is good.