Miss my husband

Nearly four months without my husband been married 39 years together 43 years since we were 16 . He is my hole life don’t want to go on just want to be with him I miss him so much .


Hello, it’s hard and we never thought it would be like this, some days are worse then others but honestly we get through them. My soulmate left me and I understand how you are feeling, it’s hard, it’s not nice and before he left I had no idea what or how life would be. Somehow we live another day and another day but our love never stops, he is always there, part of me and my life. It does get easier, I had counselling and perhaps it may help you. It’s not the total answer but it gets you on a road that you can learn to live with. Please think about asking either Cruse or Sue Ryder, they both offer a free service or ask your GP they may refer you.
If you are feeling really low the Samaritans are there just to chat and take away the worst of the pain. Honestly it does become better and you can see life a little clearer.
We are always here for you, you are never alone. Sending hugs and blessings. S xx



Nearly 4 months without my husband too. It’s so hard and I miss him so much. I suppose we just have to hang in there and get through each day and hope things start feeling better eventually xx


Sorry for your loss i feel your pain so much. My husband greg suddenly passed away just before this Christmas. It’s so painful. We have 2 children and 2 grandbabies. Christmas was so hard and is just getting harder every day. I feel empty and lost having been together for 30 years I was only 16 when we met. My heart feels like its been ripped out