Miss my husband

I miss my husband so much. I’m struggling without him. I just want him back


@Ruby9 we know just how you feel.

How long is it since your husband died? Have you got any family or friends around to offer support?

I miss mine so much, he’s been gone just over 8 long weeks. I’m struggling too, trying to keep busy. But when I’m on my own I sob and sob.

Sending a hug

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@ruby9 I know what you mean. It’s been a month today since I lost my husband and the pain is awful. I want him back.
Outwardly I seem fine. Everyone comments on how strong and resilient I am. But now on my own in bed, without my beloved Trevor, I feel completely alone and lost. I keep hoping it’s just a nightmare and I will wake up soon. But I don’t wake up from it. Everything is such a struggle without my soulmate. Jacky

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I lost him June this year. We’d been together for 42 years. I have a son who lives nearby and a daughter in Australia. I have some lovely friends. I do still just want to shut myself away.
I’m so sorry for your loss. Still very early days for us all. Sending you both a hug too


@Ruby9 - I am so sorry you are here - none of us want to be here, but we are lucky to have each other as we all understand the pain of partner loss. I know exactly what you mean when you describe both the struggle and the need for your husband and how much you want him back. I am nearly 2 years in now. I say “I wish Tom was here” out loud, every day, sometimes several times. I miss him and he has left a gap that cannot close.

My friend, that said, it is getting easier to cope and I write this to you in the middle of the last stages of packing up the house we shared together, ahead my move on Tuesday this week. It has been super hard.

I have packed boxes, cried, talked to the sofa about where it is going in the new house, missed Tom badly - but I keep going because I have to get there. You are moving forward, too, even though goodness knows, it is a struggle. You go forward in every breath you take each day, each coffee or tea to make for yourself, each walk around the block. Your love for him will never diminish - the pain will in time, I promise but your love will stay strong.

Hold tight, feel your way through this day and the next. Your friends on here are with you x