Miss my lovely mum

8 years later your absence has left its mark nothing will ever be the same but to this day I know your still by my side guiding me protecting me. It’s a love that is still with me. A mums love.
To me you haven’t really left me. You didn’t abandon me if anything you stayed in my arms and me in yours. I remember your gorgeous smile I remember your voice. It makes me laugh when I remember your humour very witty mum.
I remember my life with you mum. We built new memories in the 50 years you were alive amazing memories I have of an incredible childhood. While I look back on my childhood full of love and hugs I want you to know mum how proud I was of you mum. I know this I miss you more and more I’ll never stop missing you mum.


@Steven what a lovely tribute to your mum beautiful written . Keep those memories close

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This is lovely :heart:
It’s been 8 months for me since I lost my mum, I feel the same. 32 years of happy memories she gave me. I just wish we had more :heart: