Miss my mum so much

My darling mum died 8 days ago (15 April 2024) and I have never felt pain like this. I’m 60 and she was 81 but that doesn’t make it any easier. I loved her for 60 years and now she’s gone. I need counselling. Even a group session would help but Sue Ryder and Cruse don’t offer this until 2 months post bereavement. I need to talk now! Does anyone know where I can get counselling now?


I know, the pain is out of this world. It really doesn’t matter how old they are or how old we are. It’s bad to lose them when we are young and still bad when they have been in our lives so many years. :people_hugging:

It’s horrible that people have to wait, support is needed the first weeks too! I’ve seen on here that some have seen a counsellor via the hospital or hospice. I don’t know what might be available where you live, but maybe the local church offer talks? Then there’s going privately, of course, but it’s expensive. And you can always talk to us here, though I know it isn’t the same. :heart:

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Im sorry for your loss - i lost my Mum nearly 6 months ago and i remember how isolated i felt with my early grief, because so many services take time to access them. Some funeral directors and churches in my area run support groups, and a local hospice runs a drop in specifically for people in the first 3 months of bereavement (sadly i discovered this too late for me!), so it might be worth you checking out these organisations in your local area, or looking for info at your local GP practice. In the meantime Cruse have their helpline, but Ive never managed to get through Ill be honest. If you are working some employers offer Employee Assistance Programmes with 24 hour support lines and access to counselling.

I found posting here during that time was invaluable whilst i was waiting for group support to start. Sending you hugs and strength :people_hugging::heart: