Miss my mum

It’s past 2am and I still can’t sleep I’m tired but just find myself staring out I’d the window. I hate night time so much feel so alone and lost . It’s been 2 months today since I lost my mum she was ill for 3 days with what we thought a uti got into hospital after calling out paramedics 3 times and once we were there she passed 3 hours later with a perforated bowel. I miss her so much can’t believe she has gone . I had a major melt down earlier taking it out on my Partner I just know he is going to walk away. But I can’t help it I feel so angry and so sad it’s just getting worse I honestly think this is slowly destroying me.

Oh Joanne I feel your pain.
My mum passed away nearly 9months now. She too had issues with her bowel, misdiagnosed with IBS only to have emergency surgery a few months later for bowel cancer. We had a few more mibths but they were agony for herb. Just know there are people awake too because they have so mich love in their hearts for their mums

I know so much pain and sadness too. I lost my dad when I was 18 that was bad enough but this is so much more powerful .