Miss my nan with good memories

I am Michael I lost my nan due to drinking a problem that got little too out of hand I then lost her in June 2015 it’s been 7 years without her I can not get over how I need a her hug and to be seeing her smile making jigsaws with her and be on laptop having a laughable time when she was with us all just wish she could be here today wish I could get her back :broken_heart::dove:

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Dear @Micky1952

Welcome to the Community, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your nan. Hold onto your memories in your heart and look at photos of your nan. This can make you feel warm, and you can then imagine your nan wrapping her arms around you to hug you.

There is a useful and informative Grief Guide that contains information to help you cope with your bereavement and grief along with discovering new ways to cope if you need it.

I am sending you a virtual hug. Take care.


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