Miss my princess

Want my princess caitlin back miss her like mad

Im sorry for your loss do you mind me asking how old Caitlin was.

So sorry for your loss I hear you I too have lost a child absolutley heartbreaking :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

Hi Alex my son passed away 16 yrs ago personally ive not found time a healer but thank you for your kind thoughts. Kev

I don’t believe time is a healer I just live with it how I don’t know, my son gained his wings 2 years ago I cry everyday for him he was far too young he was my baby and no parent should bury their child it’s horendous and heart breaking. I’m so sorry that you to are also feeling so much heartache and pain. X

Im so ashamed of myself David passed away 17 yrs ago not 16 :disappointed:, it really feels like yesterday.
Im so sorry for your loss your right its something no parent should go through at any age, i cry everyday its amazing how some people think its just something you can put to the back of your mind and you carry on.

Oh cambsbloke it’s disgusting the way people say you should be over it well no why should we be over it. I cry everyday a song, a smell anything that I relate to my prince I talk to him all the time he was and still is my worldie I sleep with his ashes and have a little moan when I’ve had a bad day xx

My princess was 6 years old

She passed away on 25 th of march and her funeral was 6th april and I feel like I am getting worse everyday I feel sad all the time in just want my princess back

Oh Helen my heart breaks for you she was only a baby :broken_heart: it’s early days it’s natural to feel sad she’s your princess. Please try to talk to your family, friends don’t bottle everything up this is a great site and I’ve had great support from ppl that are going through our journey. Nothing can take away our pain nobody can replace our.babies sending you a big hug here if you want a chat aww :heart::kissing_heart::heart::heart:

Im so sorry for your loss i know everyones grief is personal but when David passed away he was 7 months old, i made a memorial garden i found i could tend it and put presents for him i used to talk to him for ages.

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