Miss my Ted

It’s been just over a month now since I lost my husband Ted to lung cancer. Today I went shopping and I had to stop myself from crying not sure what set it off maybe the Dine in for two at M &S as we used to like those and I’d gone into M & S for something for my tea as I didn’t feel like cooking. But I still went to see if there was something in the dine in offer that he would like. I went for a coffee in Costa togather my thoughts but that didn’t help. At the moment I’m having trouble sleeping he’d be so cross with me because he’d say I was not looking after myself but I miss him so much. I miss not being able to talk things through with him ask him what I should do about things. We have an 18 month old granddaughter who as young as she is loved her granddad but will never go for a walk in the woods near are home with him and our dog, and won’t really remember how much she meant to her granddad. We have an 11 year old grandson who wants to know where his best mate has gone. A 14 year old granddaughter who wants to tell her pall about college. The only good thing about Ted not being with us is that he’s no longer in pain.

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