Miss u mum

Hi I lost my mum at Xmas. She had dementia but hadn’t been ill so her sudden passing really floored us . We weren’t there when mum passed she was in a care home and it was very early in the morning we got the fone call to say she had passed .
I feel nothing but guilt because she died alone and I always promised her she would never be alone :pensive:
We’ve had mums funeral and on Saturday we lay mums ashes to rest with a private burial.
I’ve done a poem for her I’m hoping I will be able to read it without crumbling.
I’ve never felt pain like this before
I’m really struggling hardly eating or sleeping
Doc gave me sleeping meds just after she passed but was only for a week and won’t give any more doesn’t want me to rely on them
I’m hoping all these feelings I’m getting are normal
Sorry for going on a bit needed to get this out I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted
Thanks for reading

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Never apologise for grieving. It affects everyone differently and you’ll have better days and think ‘I can perhaps do this’ and then something will set you back but the fact you’ve taken a step forward to go back is a credit to you x

Mental and physical exhaustion is all consuming…I can ‘sleep’ for 12-16 hrs and wake up like I’ve never even been to bed! I was never pretty but I look so :poop: these days and have aged like 10 years in 3 months…

Can you go back to your dr and get some more tablets? I know it’s not a long term fix but least I may help short term so you can get some sleep x
Do you have any family close by that you can lean on when feeling low?

Although we can’t physically be there for you we are all here for you/each other any time x

Suzanne x

Hi sorry I haven’t replied I’m not doing very well. Had mums burial on Saturday and I’ve hardly slept or ate . Scared to sleep cause I keep seeing mum in her coffin and it’s tearing my heart to bits . :broken_heart:
I just feel so lonely without mum even tho I’ve got kids and grandkids. It’s just not the same. I’ve thought about going to be with mum :cry::cry: Several times . I don’t want to be a burden on my family as someone who I thot was a friend told me they are going thro the same and to get on with it .
I really don’t know where am going to end up can’t get appointment with doc or anything
Just taking it a day at a time
Sorry for this I just really need to get this out :cry::cry: xx