Miss you mum

I miss my mum so much don’t know what to do


Hi, she must have been a very special mum, so it’s no wonder that you are missing her. We all love our mums and it’s hard when they are no longer there for us.
I am really pleased you have found this site because there are many posts from others who have lost their mums and feel the same way. If you have the time to read some you may find others in just the same position as yourself. Be kind to yourself and don’t rush to work out your emotions. S xxx

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Thankyou for your kind words xxx

Hi Saraw
I know how u feel. I miss my mum to, some days i find i just dont know what to do, we r all here for you. To help in anyway we can x

My mum passed away four and a half months ago and i miss her so much . I am starting counselling next week and i really hope it will help me . Take it easy and you will always find guidance on this site . Sending you much love and strength.
Angie x

Thankyou I just miss talking to her and feel so alone


Hi saraw sorry to hear the loss of your mum, its something so raw to deal with when you lose a loved one, I lost my mum in July this year and I miss her so much I struggle every day with the emotions I cried every day, I felt lost like a little girl again, the guilt is so overwhelming at times no one can prepare you for these feelings I know I’ll never be the person I was before and I’ll probably never fully accept she is no longer here, but I just take a day at a time, this forum is amazing as everyone can relate to how you are feeling and what you are going through, take care
Lynn x

Hi Sara

Sorry to hear about your Mum. I lost my Mum 3 months ago and the pain is like no other I’ve been through. Its so hard to accept our Mums are no longer here. I’m taking one day at a time and thinking about starting counselling shortly.

So glad you’ve found this forum as there is some great advice and also people going through the same.

Take care


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Sorry to hear about your loss, I lost my mom 2 years ago and I still struggle now with her not being around, I have found another online chat group that deals with depression that’s been very helpful, my grief has put a strain on my relationship with my partner and that’s tough also, if ever you need to talk please message me :blush:

I didn’t just lose my mum 3 years ago,I lost my best friend as well. I still have nightmares about walking in the room and not being warned what happens in the final stage.
I was so upset I went and sat in the garden trying to keep it together but knowing today was the day.
A blackbird hopped on the fence looked at me and chirped . I knew she had gone.
I tried to think of all the times she made me smile.
The pain doesn’t go away but i find whenever I’m missing her I think of the good times.
Be strong and talk about your loved one.
Hope this is some comfort and the tears will come in their own time.

Hi I lost my mum in August and am feeling exactly the same. I used to speak to her several times a day. people think it should be getting easier but it is actually feeling harder.

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I lost my Mum suddenly four weeks ago and feel so lost.

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I lost my mum in August and am feeling the same. I can’t shift a blanket of sadness and the thought of never speaking to her again is so hard. People just think that life is for living and it should be getting easier but is is not.

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You can’t imagine the pain until it happens to you. Can’t comprehend not talking, touching her again.

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I am sorry for your loss and pain. I miss my mum it’s been a year now. Mum’s are so instrumental in our life’s, I have found counselling has really helped me. I am coming to accept she’s gone but it’s so painful. Be kind and patient with yourself.

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, I lost my mum in July this year and I’m struggling to accept I will never see her again, it’s true you can’t comprehend the pain until it happens to you, and alot of people ( family included) think after a couple of weeks you should be moving on but that’s definitely not the case for alot of us, I miss her so much and after just having my birthday without her am not looking forward to Christmas the pain is so raw :pensive:
Lynn x


I am on a list for some counselling so hope that will help to talk my emotions through. I am also dreading Christmas and her birthday is December and my little girls, her first without Grandma spoiling her :pensive:

I miss my mum phoning me on my birthday singing happy birthday .Xmas is not the same either .
Remember the fun times and it helps to share memories of your mum .

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I lost my mother five years ago and it has been a terrible blow. You learn to live with it but the pain is still there and can be hard to bear at times. I just keep pushing on as this is the best thing to do. Talking about it helps and reading others experiences of grief on here helps too. So keep pushing on everyone!!