Missing a loved one

This is a long story but going to simplify lost my mum when I was little to cancer and nearly two years ago I lost my dad. It’s really difficult when a step mum moved away and sells the family home and you are left with no real memories

Hi JW,

So sorry to hear your story. It’s sad to lose your Mum and Dad and then your home with all the memories within. I would suggest you cherish the memories you have in your head if you can’t have the physical reminders. A song or a smell or a familiar family place to be will easily invoke such memories for you and hopefully in time they will make you happy.

Some of us can’t handle them too well at the moment but if you can and they make you feel closer just go for it.

No other words of wisdom I’m afraid for someone in your circumstance. I just don’t understand why it sometimes has to be that way. My niece was in the very same position when my sister in law died a few years back. She lost her Mum, her home and her family as a result. Her stepdad sold up and didn’t look back at her, so sad when this happens and I’m sure not what the deceased partner would have wanted.

Take care of yourself…x

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