Missing at Christmas (Poem)

It is never easy when a loved one is gone,
The thought that you’ll no longer see them around
During this special season you’ll be missing someone
While everyone else is having so much fun.

Christmas is thought of as the time for sharing joy
Family and friends together, every girl and boy
But, when someone passes so near to Christmas
We search for answers that quite frankly elude us.

Christmas is always a change of pace
Snow falls, beautiful lights, smiles on each face
Seeing people, walking by so fast
Capturing memories of Christmases past.

Now that special smile is missing
No more “Under-the-mistletoe-kissing”
You are bombarded by all the crazy “What-ifs”
The “If-only,” and of course, the “I wish I’d done this.”

This Christmas there won’t be so much baking
This Christmas your heart is breaking
Trying to picture this season with this loved one gone
Trying to find the strength to carry on.

How to experience joy, when you are feeling pain
This year can’t possibly be the same
Think of others who have gone on before
Whose lives help prepare us for what’s in store.

Gathering with many that you seldom see
Please, don’t waste this opportunity
Go ahead and remember, grieve, mourn or cry
You’re surrounded by others that will help you get by.


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

So lovely and so true.