Missing dad

Its been almost 7 weeks since dad died, the funeral has been and gone, i just have this massive sense of loss inside my body, life carries on, and somedays are ok? But days like today, well its just awful, i cry, i feel alone, i feel angry, it feels like a life time since he passed, how am i going to get through this long life without him. My mum is a different person, shes asked me not to talk about dad as we cant move forwards while looking back?? I just cant see an end ti the dull cloud over me


Hi, I recognise this feeling so well, I’ve felt like this at various points since my Mum died in January. Not all the time, but definitely phases of gloom. For me, I go through the motions of the day because I know the tricky times will pass. All we can do is keep going, trying hard to find some enjoyment in life. So hard…xx

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