missing dad

I have really had enough now

I don’t think I can cope much longer

I am totally knackered

I still cant believe that my dad has passed away

I keep thinking he is still alive

Phone mum up yesterday (Wednesday) and I nearly slipped up and I nearly asked how is dad 🙁



Don’t give up. Your dad wouldn’t want you to.

One week since my dad’s funeral and I see him everywhere and expect him to drive up to the house.

I wake every morning in pain after one blissful moment of thinking nothing has changed. You are not alone.


Sorry for your loss

My dad passed away Monday 18th December 2023

It is true what you said that my dad wouldn’t want me to give up.
It’s hard because I have got mental health problems as well and my mental health isn’t great at the moment .

Thanks for replying xxxx

My dad Passed on 24/12/23 and he was the only person who I really felt loves and knows me for who I am. I went to the cafe today where we would sit and it wasn’t right without him nothing feels right without him I just wish I could wake up and it was just a really bad dream xx


Sorry for your loss

I feel the same . I just wish it was a bad dream

Thanks for replying xxxx

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My dad passed away on the same date suddenly and unexpectedly it’s completely flawed me and he was to you….61! So much more life to have. How are you coping I still feel in denial like it’s not really happened


Sorry for your loss.
To be honest I still think my dad is still alive but he is not .
It is just like a bad dream .
I am struggling with my mental health at the moment