Missing her so much

My adopted daughter died in September. She was 32. She was such a lovely young woman. Unfortunately she was suffering from alcoholism. Both her birth parents had been alcoholics and she was genetically vulnerable. She was in end stage alcoholism and was suffering from multiple alcoholic seizures and alcoholic dementia. It was a mercy that she died really. It was such a shock. I found her dead. She had died of a stroke. I took in her 3 starving dogs but have had to rehome one. I already had 2 dogs of my own. I went out for lunch with her partner and we visited her grave at the cemetery. We were both crying. I miss her so much.

Im so sorry Lily,i know its so painful,you adopted her and she found happiness in life with you,sadly like you say she had a troubled beginning,and sometimes that sets off a wrong path in life,i have never lost a child,and my goodness im grateful for that,i do know the pain of grief though,Take care xx

Thank you Robina. I visited her grave today with a friend… Christmas has been very difficult as we used to spend it together. x

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