Missing him. Loving him...

This morning I asked myself…do I feel any different today than I did any other day since 31 January 2019. This day last year? The answer I got was no, I don’t. I’m just as empty, just as sad, just as desperate to see my hubby, just as much in love with him as I always was :heart:

I am also, just as determined to make him proud of me, just as determined to keep finding the strength to live on for the both of us, just as much looking forward to being reunited with him when my time comes!

The day isn’t any different. I could pretend it is I suppose but, I don’t do pretend. The cold hard truth is, I miss him with all that I am. Yesterday, today and tomorrow too. I’m absolutely sure that won’t ever change and neither will the fact that I’ll continue doing what I have to do with a smile on my face and him in my heart.

Why wouldn’t I. I love him… :heart:


I love Stan more every day, I didn’t think it was possible when he was here with me, it is.
I say that but I know he is watching over me and our 2 children, grandson and great grandson, I just feel his presence, it is such a comfort.
x x


You know what, Mary. anything is possible isn’t it :smiley: Just like your Stan never left you, my husband didn’t leave me either. He’s simply the beat of my heart. He helps me every day in some shape or form, he never was far away and that hasn’t changed. Thank God :+1:

Love to you x


You go girl. You are an inspiration. I feel exactly as you do. Anniversaries just don’t get to me. How could we possibly miss our men anymore than we already do.

However, I do understand that some are deeply affected by all kinds of anniversaries. My sister for one. On our mums birthday and the date of her death, my sister mourns all over again even to the point of taking a day off work.

Thank you for sharing your day and thoughts with us CW. I love your positive thinking. Our husbands have died but they’re not dead. Remember? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love never dies. I absolutely adore my man.
Love to you :kissing_heart:


“Remember?” Absolutely I do. You said those words to me in response to my first post on the forum, Kate :gift_heart: I remember. Oh yes I do. I won’t ever forget your kindness that day back in February last year (and since)!

And guess what…my husband may have died but, he’ll never be dead either. :+1:

Love never dies. No, no, no it certainly doesn’t :heart:

Hugs from me to you x


Thank you, cw13
Love to you too. x


Love never dies, it becomes a light which shines from behind the eyes.

Love, MaryL