Missing him

So i just recently joined as i so alone and not coping.
My boyfriend died on the 28th JUne after battling bladder cancer for 7 years and prostate for 5 years.
He went into hospital on the 10th June and i did not really get to see him after that his children stopped me from going to the hospital did not inform me when he died nor was i allowed to know where his body was so could go or wasnt allowed to his funeral.
I have no closeure and also hearing bad things been accused of.
I dont know what to do anymore all i do is cry i have no friends he was my world and also his children took all my things and throw them out including a letter he wrote me and his wishes.

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Hi JBorrowman i can feel your pain coming through this post and i am very sorry for your loss . My family refused to let me say good bye to my dad so i know what its like not to see a loved one before they go . It hurts i know it does . Could you try some of the helps on this website or see British Red cross website who help people with being alone .Try putting ‘positives’ in place =photos of your loved one , memory book ( i found that quite good) did your loved one have a hobby that (when you are feeling ready) you could carry on??? or (again when you ready) a favourite charity you could support ???Do you have a garden where you could put a special area in memory of your loved one ???Some of these things might help or might be for the future when you are ready to do more . I really am so sorry for your loss and pain but keep posting here

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Reading your post is so upsetting. Surely his family had no right to do all this. Especially taking the letter he left for you.
I’m so sorry for your loss. You will get good support on here.
Try and take care of yourself xx