Missing husband

New to the forum so here goes.
My husband died in sept after a long battle with cancer. Our daughter’s wedding had been postponed 3 times because of covid but he managed to get there with a lot of help, he was in a wheelchair and on oxygen because he deteriorated in the couple of weeks before. Doctors and nurses were amazed at his determination to be there. He died at home 4 days later.
I gave up work to look after my husband and we had been shielding during the pandemic so there had been just the two of us a lot of the time… My daughter and son in law have been great and family and friends but it’s so hard being on your own at home such a lot. Since New year’s Eve I’ve been poorly with a chest infection, daughter and son in law had been in contact with someone who has covid so didn’t want to take any chances seeing me (luckily they didn’t catch it). It’s been such a lonely week and it hits you more when you are poorly. Missed him so much this week.
We had so many plans for retirement holidays etc. He was 70 - 10 years older than me and retired and I feel so robbed of the good times we should be having.


Hi I’m sorry for your loss, it sounds like you’ve had a difficult time but how lovely that your husband was determined for his daughter to be at her wedding and gift her the memory, I lost my husband in august and it’s a lonely road to be on, it’s true at our lowest point when we know they would be there for us is when you feel it most, please know that your not alone, sending hugs xx


So very sorry for your sad loss Barbara. Your husband was so brave to manage to get to your daughter’s wedding.
I totally understand your loneliness, I was ill last week, and yes, I agree that we miss our darling husbands even more when we are ill.
I’m slightly older than you, but I agree again that we had hopes and dreams together.
It’s absolutely heartbreaking but we must be thankful for the time we had together and the love we shared and our lovely families.
Please look after yourself and share your feelings as much as you can with others who do truly understand what you’re going through. Xx


Thanks for your replies. Reading on here certainly makes you realise how many of us are going through this very difficult time xx