Missing love one

I lost my dear ron I 10 weeks ago,I think the first 6 weeks I was in deep shock .all I do now is cry for him ,I just don’t feel I can live with out him my heart is shattered into million pieces dose anyone else feel like this sylvia [edited by admin]

Hi Sylvia007

Yes, we have all been there. The shock does eventually wear off but then the sadness comes. Grief is a real rollercoaster of emotions. You never know what little thing will set you off crying. My husband died in October and I thought it was getting better but when the sun came out so did the tears. Geoff loved the sun and was the first to don his shorts and sunglasses.

I was totally broken( just as you describe) but got some help from a hypnotherapist.
I now regularly do meditation ( You Tube) which helps with calming the emotions.

You just have to be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time.


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Hi I’m sorry for your loss .but I just feel lost,I’m hitting out to the ones I love .I was so close to my partner 23 yrs we were together and to be married this months, I feel the Drs let us down .he could have been safe .But ignored I keep beating my self thinking I could have help

Dear Sylvia

This is so sad, my lifelong partner died suddenly and I keep beating myself up about it as well. Worrying that I should have spotted that he wasn’t well - I never asked him if he was ok, I just assumed he was. Could you talk to the doctors who treated him at all?

I wrote to my partners consultant about what happened and she was brilliant she phoned me up and told me everything she could and let me ask as many questions as I wanted to I felt better afterwards.

I hope this helps , J x

Dear Sylvia,
I feel for you so very much. My darling Chrissie died two months ago. Each minute without her seems an eternity. I know what you mean, without her life does not seem worth living, but we have to go on day by day, moment by moment if needed. I do not have a cure. Each moment of my own life without Chrissie seems pointless, hopeless, useless. We were together over 50yr every decision from the smallest to the largest made together. Every day we had a laugh and a joke. I do not laugh now.
Yes, I feel as you do Sylvia, but we have to go on. It is our duty to those we have lost to do what we can. Happiness and laughter may be gone. But hope to be with them one day is not.
My best wishes to you.


Thank you blizzard .ive just had a big cry.im sick of people telling me u have to get on .i no I have to but it’s been 11 weeks now,just comming into the house seeing not there just break me x

Dale jack I did ask is Drs about it all .i just wish wen he told me is ankle was hurting that morning I could have acted on it but Wednesday came and he died in my arms with a deep vein thrombosis.i had loads of people visit wen he died but no one comes now .my children come and is daughter.but I no they have there own life’s .me and ron was so in love and it just breaks ux

I had the same with my partner , when he said his back ached I just thought he’d been sitting down watching TV for too long. I feel so guilty not doing anything about it.
I feel the same my whole life has gone with him , everyday is so hard to get through.

Take care of yourself, J x

So sorry to read of your loss,I lost your wife eight weeks ago and I feel deeply for you and the other kind people hear I hope our collective unbearable grief will give us strength to go on.

So sorry type error “my wife”

Thomas I know how you are feeling.its like a nightmare I feel for u .im just glad I have found this site to get comfort from u all because the pain unbearable .im having my children to stay wth me to help me come to turns wth it .because I never ever know pain like it x sylvia

Omg I’m so sorry I feel the same .are you on face book

That’s good,like you my children who are both adult have been my support, it does help to share with someone who truly feels the pain.x

I know love x

I wish you and all others in this wonderful support group a peaceful night.x

Thank u every one wat as reply .i just want someone like me .and understand the feeling with out our love ones .sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

It’s just so awful isn’t it?
I’ve started seeing a counsellor who’s very nice and said it helps to talk to people who’ve had the same things happen.

I think everyone looks back and says - I should have… I wish I’d … If only … but we can’t change what’s happened and that is what is so upsetting. The people left behind have to deal with all the horror.
Some days I blame myself and other days I think I couldn’t have changed anything.

No I’m not on face book but you contact me on here, I look everyday and find it helps a bit.

Take care and try not to blame yourself- I’m sure you couldn’t have changed what happened. J x

Hi,and good morning to you and your friend j, we are all carrying the same burden of loss and heartbreak, I’m sure all of our loved ones would want the best for us all, so sharing the load does help,take my love and best wishes to both of you on this beautiful day.

Yes I’m going to see one . I just hope it can bring me some comfort like yourself . Love and kind thoughts sylvia x

Hi, I know exactly what you are going through and sadly it doesn’t get any better, I lost my beautiful son on Christmas Eve 2017 nearly 21 weeks, it’s just got worse for me, I can’t go out except to look after my grandchildren (from my house to theirs) I sit on the couch all day and I just cry and cry I hate bedtime because I don’t sleep, I just cannot function at all I feel like I am slowly dying of a broken heart and I just want to be with my son again but I know I have to live for my daughter and grandchildren, I have avoided medication but it has came to the point where i need help, my husband has been a great support to me(not my sons dad) I’ve been told they I need to learn to live this new life without my son but I’m finding it so hard as it is only early days for us, I’m sorry I can’t tell you that everything will be ok, but I do know what you are going through love to you x