Missing mum

So this year will be the 10th Christmas without my mum who passed away in 2012 from ovarian cancer. Many people tell me it gets easier but christmas just gets harder. I find myself crying when I look at Christmas presents and think mum would love that. I miss her so much :cry: I just wish for one last cuddle one last kiss I hope she knows how much I love and miss her.


I know how you feel
Today I put up some lights outside for my granddaughter for Christmas
When she went home
I just broke down and cried
I loss my husband 3 years ago and my mum 2 years ago
They both loved Christmas like myself
We would phone each other when the coke cola advert would come on tv
But now I can’t even put up our Christmas tree never have since my husband died
You learn how to put a brave face on but when your on your own your you breakdown
It is so hard life now
And sad every day
I do try to be positive but unfortunately I find I can’t keep it up anymore
I always thought it would get easier it’s been 3 years !!
We all just have to plod along
At least they are not going through this terrible ordeal

You take care

Bless you I have 5 beautiful grandaughters last year was really hard not seeing anybody. This year I will once again put a brave face on it. They make it worthwhile but when they all go home I take the dogs for a walk and cry :cry:

Hello Paula, you are right somethings don’t get any easier we just learn to accept then but Christmas is not all full of merriment. Remember it’s just one day and by the 27 it’s all gone. It’s lovely to know you can still think that your mum would like certain things, that’s a great. Bless you for posting and everyone will be sending you love. S xxx