Missing mum

I lost my mum in December 2022 and I just feel so lonely she was my best friend I’m struggling to find a job and am currently buying my first home with the proceeds of my mums estate but would rather have her here


I feel for you - its so sad that a first home which should be a positive milestone is only realised on the back of tragedy and loss. And coping with job hunting as well as house move on top of grieving for your Mum- thats a lot to deal with. I lost my job whilst caring for Mum and at some point im going to have to start job hunting again but it terrifies me! I wish you all the best with both your jobhunting and house purchase :people_hugging:

I see it has mum’s money, I’m the only one who does as I struggled with setting up Power of Attorney and mum died before it was completed. Now the I got the DWP investigating saying mum paid too much pension credit for 21 years. So that’s delaying the whole thing.