Missing my angel madly

It’s a bad day for me, missing my angel so much .I can’t believe you are not here with me.I wish it was me not you.No mother would ever see her son dying in front of her.This cruel cancer took my son’s life, he was only 24 and no case if cancer in my entire family.
People used to say I was very lucky but now who can be so unfortunate.
I have no interest in anything at all.
Sorry if I upset anyone
Ghaz xxx


Hi ghas
I to lost my son he was 24 from sarcoma a rare form of cancer from diagnosis he lasted just under four months . It was last april .the sadness and pain is unbelivable . I feel your pain sending you a hug zoe xx

Hello to you both, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a young son. They always say the parents should go first, the pain you are going through is horrendous. Cancer knows no bounds, it took my husband and like both of you it was only weeks. Life does get easier and they are right when they say it’s the price for the love we had but it is a very high price.
Keep in contact and please keep posting and reading others post, it does help to know we are not alone. All the same but all different. Take care of yourselves and I am sending blessings to you both. Sxxx