Missing my beloved

I lost my beloved 6 months ago i cry everyday as i miss him so much. Im just living from day to day at the moment :relieved:


I feel so empty inside i miss my beloved soo much.:disappointed_relieved:

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6 months is no time at all and it’s completely understandable that you feel so sad and overwhelmed.
It’s such a huge gap we have in our lives when we lose our soul mates and I think it will take lots of time before we can even start to heal.
Have you got people around you that can offer support. As time moves on people often drift away and it can be hard to feel you have a place to be heard. Keep posting here as it can be a great support and a place to let out all your grief.
Sending strength and a hug xx


Thank you for your message it means a lot to me. I have my father and sister around me they have been a really big help to me and supportive all the way .:heart:

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