Missing my Dad five years on

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here, but on Tuesday (7th March 2017) it will be five years since my Dad passed away and I feel like I’m struggling more this year with it, maybe because my Grandfather (my Dad’s Father) is also ill and in hospital while I’m away at University and also ill (awaiting my first ever operation) myself. I guess I just wish my Dad was here to support me and generally missing him lots at this time.
Thank you.

Hi embeth i know how to feel its coming up to 10 years this month i lost my beautiful mum and i understand when u say it gets harder as i think it does too ive never gone 10 hours without my mum how have i managed 10 years i never know.you have a lot on your plate at the minute I think when we have a lot on we miss our loved one more because they would know what to do. And with you having a op aswell.but your dad isn’t far away from you he be by your side helping you through your tough time.here if u need a chat xx