Missing my dad..he went so fast :(

I posted on here the other day …i lost my dad on the 9th of January…im finding it difficult that he went so fast.we were told a week before he died that he had a mass on his liver.a couple days later we were told he had lung cancer. It had spread. He went hospital poorly. Cellulitis and a bad chest and high blood sugar due to his diabetes…he had copd aswell. On the day he died they said he had a collapsed lung and he sadly wouldn’t make it through the night.
what im finding difficult is the fact he was in 3 weeks .he had no other tests .im questioning why didn’t they do other tests.why did they find it so late …we couldn’t visit while he was in .i keep going over and over these things …we didn’t really get to say things we wanted to say .the hospital never really updated us on how he was doing :frowning: .is this normal to think all of these things ? I miss him so much .


I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my wife 3 weeks ago from liver cancer after around 3 months. The hospital have not updated us with the results of her biospy and the GP has written to them to try and find out. My wife had tests, but never had any treatment. Basically pills to try and ease pain. Although she did not really have a lot of pain. I got the impression they gave up as soon as they diagnose liver cancer. Lots of funding for cancer. But what can they do to try and prevent liver cancer or catch it early. late cancers seem forgotten. If you have breast cancer or prostate and they catch it early, great. but Late cancers, not much help for us. I miss her by the hour and bawl my eyes out, have some grief, it is natural. I just try and keep busy, although it is shattering.

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Thanks for your comment and im sorry for your loss.yes it seems with some cancers they only find it went it is too late .that makes so so sad …we had no idea he had lung cancer and the hospital he was in wasn’t very good .had a bad experience with my nanna at the same hospital. A week before he died he went to a respite home to try and get him mobile. The physio pushed so hard for it .but little did we know he had cancer…no tests to see what was going on.im so sorry you are going through loosing your wife . I try to keep busy but i feel guilty for doing so. Im not sleeping and have had force myself out of the door. Im staying with my mum and trying to be strong for her .