Missing my dad so much on my birthday

It’s my birthday today. The first one without my dear dad. Just feel so down wish he was here to celebrate it with me. I just don’t feel like doing anything today. I miss him so much.

Hi. My dad died last year and I had my first birthday without him last November. I completely get it. I somehow didn’t feel like it was my birthday, like something was missing because I hadn’t gotten a birthday call from dad.
Be kind to yourself. If you don’t feel like doing anything today, that’s okay. Take care of yourself with what feels good: a walk outside, some nice food, a light-hearted film… The love is still there, even if your dad isn’t here to share it directly with you <3

Hi rktor. Thanks for your reply. I’m really struggling. Yesterday I just had a quiet day. Went for a meal with my friend and had a few drinks. It just wasn’t the same without my dad. I just felt so sad all day. I lost my dad at the end of march and can’t seem to get my life back on track. Been off work since and just feel like I can’t go back. I still don’t feel strong enough and don’t want to face people. At the moment I’m just in my own world. Take care rktor.

Belated happy birthday to you.please know I know your pain.we are all on here in our own grief cocoon.I had a panic attack today.the pain is all consuming.I miss my darling girl with all my body and soul.take care Joe .Annette.xxx

Thanks for your message Annette. Everyday is struggle. I’m stuck in this dark place and just don’t know how to start to make myself feel better. Having councilling soon so that may help. I too suffer with panic attacks I completely understand. My doctor gave me tablets to help me . I feel for you Annette. Take care xxx